Common Car Paint Problems – Scratches

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Scratches on cars typically fall under three categories. Read on to find out which scratches your car has and what cause them. Finally look into some tips on how to remove car scratches.

Swirl Marks

Swirl Marks rank among the most annoying things that can happen a car’s finish. Swirl marks also known as the “cobweb- effect” are scratches that seem to center on a particular point. When you move your field of vision this cobweb effect seems to follow your point of view. This is what makes it unsightly.

It seems that the car is full of circular scratches all throughout. And yes it is! Tiny almost invisible scratches scattered all over the car’s body is what causes this cobweb effect. Darker colored cars are immensely affected by them.

Minor Scratches

Minor scratches can be defined as scratches that do not penetrate the car’s primer paint. Or the colored layer beneath most modern clear coat protected cars. These scratches are usually faint in appearance and can occur from small particles being rubbed against the paint, you need to use a good quality best auto wax.

These particles may be dust, sand or other abrasive materials that a car is often exposed to. This can be easily buffed away by a good car care product. Some waxes even help “fill” this minute crevices.

Deep Scratches

Deep scratches are often the most difficult to remove. Scratches like this are often done deliberately by people who vandalize cars. Pointed objects such as screw drivers or nails are used to etch the car’s finish. Often the only way to remove them is to visit a detailer who can retouch your paint.

If you are incredibly lucky some elbow grease and rubbing compound can minimize them. There are also car care products that can mask the effects of deep scratches.

In a car’s lifetime it will undergo various degrees of these scratches. They can be very unsightly and in some cases make newer cars look artificially aged. Taking care of your car’s paint is not difficult with the right amount of care and attention plus a few car care products.

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