Cuisinart sandwich maker

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This lightweight product is easy to store, easy to get at and quick to respond. Simply plug the Cuisinart sandwich maker in and when the red light comes on you know the grill is heating. When the light turns green you are ready to install the sandwiches.

There’s no need to worry about uneven shaping. The lockdown plates bring everything into conformity. The non-stick surface is ideal for removing heavy sandwiches although some users use butter or cooking oil to add the toasted look.

The Cuisnart attention to detail is noticeable as soon as the sandwich is removed and the user is presented with a delicious looking edible that draws the line where the sandwich should be cut.

When you are sure you are done, allow the cooking plates are cooled and wipe clean with a damp cloth. Don’t hesitate to grill two different items at a time. How about a French toast and omelet combo to start the day right?

The cooking plates feature elevated ridges to keep the flavor of every ingredient packed into the sandwich while the grill seals edges of the bread. It may be small but do not underestimate the clout this little beauty of a sandwich maker brings to your kitchen or workplace.

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